Quality standards

In our work we are guided by standard ISO 17025 and other leading quality management standards.

In 2005-2006 CEO of the company Lev Gogolev took Presidential Program training (Job-training program for managers in national Russia economy, ref. www.spbmrc.ru ) with practical study in engineering held in Japan. Operational excellence principles 5S and Kaizen were studied at the territory of ISUZU Co in Tokyo with participation of the plant’s specialists. Theoretical part of the training was followed by practice at steel company JFE-Steel Сo in Jokohama. The techniques learnt at the training were successfully applied at METROPIR in the course of 5S optimization, Kaizen improvement ideas were introduced.


The product will never fit high quality requirements, if it is produced from low-quality components in a hostile environment by personnel unsatisfied with their job! Therefore, our customer care is expressed via our good attitude to the personnel. We also give consideration to quality issues at our suppliers’ production. Each component of our product is thoroughly inspected.


The work of infrared source “black body” is based on the principle of output of thermal energy by current-heated tubular cavity. Choice of cavity and material form depends on the structure, but heating always requires electrical power. As is known, unpreserved or rejected heat is lost or just heats up the air. To save electrical power, our blocks pass through several stages of thermal analysis, i.e. calculation of heating conductor Kanthal diameter for reliability, calculation of heat insulation dimensions. Excessive thermal insulation may hinder temperature regulation owing to huge thermal inertia, while insufficient thermal insulation will lead to useless heat delivery into the room. Therefore, thermal analysis is crucial for infrared sources in terms of ergonomic aspects and electrical power saving.

Sweden company Sandvik produces heating conductor Kanthal for resistance furnaces. Its high price is far outweighed by its properties - high quality, operational life per failure, and electrical resistivity.

We apply heat-insulating materials from the best suppliers, some of which refer to defense industry with appropriate quality acceptance.