Annual maintenance + Verification of Calibration Sources

Model infrared source called calibration source (also referred to as absolutely black body) is a temperature measuring device registered in the State Register as per GOST  8.558-2009 and subject to primary and annual verification.

Our model sources always undergo the full range of tests for technical condition and compliance with the rank before verification.

Reference open letter No 156 dated 21.11.2013

From January 1, 2014, our company provides a guarantee for the subsequent year of home-produced calibration source operation after annual verification (technical maintenance) carried out by Scientific and Production Laboratory METROPIR. Thus, following the mentioned above condition you will get lifetime warranty for the product. Such approach to product warranty policy resulted from non-failure operation of our products over the last few years. The warranty covers all METROPIR calibration sources including earlier produced items.

As our motto Accuracy of measurements and liabilities to customers says, we take care of this annual procedure and believe, that our relations with customers begin with the sale of equipment.  

Usually annual verification procedure requires lots of efforts in terms of time and finance. Previously users of hardware had to perform it on their own, had to buy tickets, pack model hardware and spend their working hours on business trips. In addition, within 12 months of operation model high-accuracy calibration sources may require adjustment or modernization, which can be carried out in laboratory by qualified personnel only.

In order to facilitate this procedure, METROPIR undertakes organization of this process for all customers from 2003. 

Options are as follows:

  1. Verification at METROPIR site in Saint Petersburg.

    • The hardware is delivered to Saint Petersburg by any transportation company or to the railway station.  
    • Delivery to METROPIR site. Personnel of METROPIR receive it at the railway station and transport to the laboratory.
    • Prior to verification the full range of technical condition and metrology tests for compliance with the rank are performed for the model pyrometers.  
    • Verification with the issuance of the Certificate.
    • Shipping. The hardware is shipped by a transportation company to the customer’s address or to the railway station.

      Timing of the procedure for one calibration source is approximately 2-14 days.

  2. The hardware might be taken from the customer by METROPIR personnel for verification and returned with the Certificate. The procedures are the same as para

    Timing of the procedure for one calibration source is approximately 2-14 days.

  3. Verification at the Customer’s site.

    • METROPIR personnel arrive at the customer’s site with model pyrometers and perform calibration.
    • Upon the results the Verification Certificate might be issued.
    • Timing of the procedure for one calibration source is approximately 1-2 days.

      Срок проведения работ по одному АЧТ: 1-2 дня

For verification and maintenance, please, leave a request via the form «Ask a question» in the webpage head.
Indicate the model and serial number of your instrument, target date of verification or calibration, contact details (phone and e-mail).