Company history

Nikolay Lyvovich Gogolev
The Founder of AOZT RPL METROPIR, 26.04.1993


RPL METROPIR was founded on April 26, 1993 by five scientists headed by N.L. Gogolev at the premises of pyrometry laboratory of D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology for introducing their scientific-research results and standards into the industry. Russian Research and Development Institute for Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleev (VNIIM) follows the Leading Weights and Measures Department, the first in Russia and one of the world’s oldest state metrological organizations

The group of scientists worked in pyrometry laboratory of VNIIM in Leningrad (former Saint Petersburg), highly experienced in establishment and improvement of the national temperature scale standards. The figure depicts working calibration standard Absolutely black body within 400-900°C temperature range developed for Novosibirsk Metrology Institute in 1980s. The device is unique in high-temperature coaxial thermal tube for leveling the heat field along inner emitting surface to get outstanding thermal and physical characteristics.

Monochromator metering rack.

Optical studies of temperature lamps.

Comparison of brightness-temperature pyrometer EOP-66 and total radiation pyrometer PPT readings by high-temperature ABB with neutral gas.

Applying monochromator as a monochromatic radiation source in a broad spectral range.

One of the first contracts of a startup company Metropir was signed with Ufa Assembly Construction Office “Molnia” in Ufa for adaptation of infrared sources.

Photo of about 1980.


The first team had no administrative leverage, proposed contracts, or much startup money, but they longed for independency from ineffective bureaucratic government organization system. They had a lot of plans for future development of scientific ideas of establishing temperature standard set and serial production of infrared sources for iron and steel companies and calibration centers.

We remember with gratitude our first customers, OJSC MMK in Magnitogorsk, VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation in Verkhnyaya Salda, NLMK Group in Lipetsk, Pervouralsk Pipe Plant in Pervouralsk, Infratest in Ekaterinburg, and others for giving credence to our uncorroborated competence.

In 1998 Lev Gogolev, Nikolay Gogolev’s son, became the head of the company after finishing his PhD studies at LITMO University, Department of thermal physics. And now, looking back at the past, we can confidently say that, having lived through the hard times, we are holding high the banner of our company, our experience, established business ties with reliable suppliers and colleagues, strong reputation among the customers owing to our high-quality products and attentiveness to all customers’ requests.

Personnel recruitment is quite challenging. Not only shall a staff member be proficient in his job, he shall be willing to work better and more efficient.

Our company is a family-owned business, the governance passed from the founder to his son, and this tradition will be pursued. Our sons are growing up, studying engineering. They never say “it’s hard and expensive, therefore, it’s impossible to realize”. They can see how people live abroad and how to make money.

Metropir presents a company, where scientific ideas of thoroughly selected specialists turn into off-the-shelf equipment, where the whole team is like a family. Junior staff learns from experienced colleagues and continuous training. Due to usage of Kaizen, 5S, CRM Bitrix24 and other techniques and procedures, we are step ahead of our competitors. And we can be sure, that what we are doing now will be of use in many years.

With respect to our past,
our founder,
our team, our customers – former and present.
L.N. Gogolev