You might be surprised to find metal machining among services offered by the company, which produces thermo physical equipment. However, it is no joke!

For the years of hardware development from scratch not only we established good contacts with metal machining companies and individual  craftsmen, but also equipped a newly organized shop with lathe and milling machines and a toolshed. We always used to face the challenge of producing one part within a short time. We used to get refusal for machining from plants, as nobody wanted to deal with a batch fewer than 50 pieces. But research and development requires a test specimen, a single-piece pilot batch. As delays in production negatively influenced our serial production deadlines, we decided it would be easier to have our own machining facilities and reliable foreman. Therefore, we reduced time for development and increased our capacity in metal machining, so that we could always immediately rework the part.

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Be sure to indicate dimensional tolerances (accuracy degree). If necessary, do not hesitate to consult our designer Yury Shubin  by phone +7 812 252-4029 or visit our office.